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By ValC

The Muker Hay Meadows

Wednesday. ( posting a day late)

After a switchback drive we finally arrived at Muker. ( see map)
The Hay Meadows certainly didn’t disappoint.
The 4 Muker Meadows are SSSI. and named as one of the 60 Coronation Meadows in 2013.
They are species-rich with a wide range of wild flowers and grasses, including
Wood Crane’s Bill
Melancholy Thistle
Yellow Rattle
Lady’s Mantles
Rough Hawkbit
Cat’s - ear
Sweet Vernal Grass
They provide seed for the restoration of new Meadows in the same area.
The farmers grow and cut hay by the traditional means, as they have done for centuries.

We then did a circular walk along by the River Swale to Keld and back.
The weather turned out to be hot and sunny. Not what we expected.
Stopped at a farm in Keld for a sausage roll and a Magnum. Just what we needed for the walk back.
( see collage)
A lovely walk, passing waterfalls, and old mine workings.
The Landscape largely unchanged since the late 18th century.The iconic features of the Dales landscape - the fields, barns and drystone walls.
No wonder Alfred Wainwright said Swaledale was his favourite Yorkshire Dale.
Look forward to coming back again.

On the walk back we stopped at Crakehall, and the Bay Horse Inn, overlooking the village green, which covers 5 Acres, and includes the local cricket club. ( head quarters at the pub)
While sat, enjoying a shandy, I noticed a man a few yards away.
He was playing a game I had not seen for years. Quoits!
So of course I had to go and have a chat.
He was practicing for tonight’s match.
Apparently many of the local pubs have teams, and the final is played at the Beamish Museum later in the year.
Lovely to see this old game still being played.

So the end of another great day.
Unfortunately home tomorrow.
Can’t wait to come back. I have lots planned for next time.

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