Life through the lens...

By ValC

Flower Friday

At last I have got sorted to post the right blip on the right day.
The garden is looking good after our 4 days away. Glad I gave the pots a good watering before we went, and moved most of them into the shade. Not sure if there was any rain, but they have all survived.
So have done a collage of some of the plants which are flowering at the moment.

Usual farm shop, and then to pickup my new prescription sunglasses. Not needed today as there has been no sun, but still warm.
Mr C says he hopes I haven’t kiboshed the rest of the summer!

We have just had some very bad news.
One of our Pudsey walking club friends went missing last Friday on the Greek Island of Serifos.
He was there on holiday with his wife. Just went out for a walk and hasn’t been seen since.
The police have been searching with helicopters, drones, and sniffer dogs, and found nothing.
Two lots of friends are out there supporting his wife, but I think they are now all coming home.
We may find out more later. Our thoughts are with H. I just can’t imagine what she is going through.
I hope it is a lesson to us all. You just can’t be too careful, and never go off on your own, especially when on holiday in a foreign country.

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