Harlequin Imp

Coming to Lincoln this weekend is The Lincoln Imp Trail it was delayed for 1 year due to covid . They have started to place the imp statues  Which have been decorated with different designs. So this evening after work I took the opportunity to go and take a few shots of some of them .There is 30 of them scattered around the city with a final 1 that has gone on holiday to the coast . This is a follow up to The knights trail and also the Baron trail from previous years. I took photo's of  8 tonight more of my shots can be seen HERE
It was nice to have a relaxing walk after a very stressful day at work after our computer system had a melt down so we was without computers for about 5 hours today making it difficult to serve customers meaning we had to book everything out on manuals .
Relaxing now watching some more super League rugby 

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