Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Never too old to learn?

Who'd a thunk it?!? 
Just like a kid (Must be my second childood)
I'm 78 and three quarters! and it's taken me until now to find out. 
I hesitate to claim an encyclopædic knowledge of our Flora - BUT - for all of those 78.75 I've known about "Ribwort Plantains" and "Rat's Tail Plantians". Only today I discovered:-
1. A Third species/variety.
"Plantago media
Plantago media, known as the hoary plantain, is a species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae."
2. Saw it before I knew it existed.
It befell thusly:-
Jerra had been tipped the wink that there were some (The teller said) Bee Orchids in a "nearby" (Within the County) small nature reserve.  We went, we didn't find them, but I clocked up about 6360 = not bad for me, about twice my everyday target and returned to the car simultaneously disappointed and well-chuffed.  Disappointed at not seeing them and chuffed at what we had seen; some of which we knew, some of which we had to guess. i.e. "Looks like a speedwell; NOT Germander though." etc. and more Orchids than our transatlantic brethren could shake one of their ubiquitous sticks at.
Turns out there are two entrances, one on either side of the road, the reserve poassing under a bridge.  According to Sodde's law we had entered the wrongun!
; ¬ (
I plonked myself in the car and Jerra investigated the other line of approach and found one - past its best.  May/may not be Blipped, we shall see.
Enter it in the Log for next year?  For obvious reasons (The way he was PMed rather than told online) I shall refrain from a location.
The extra is what caught my eye, having missed it on the way down, it was spotted on the return toddle as were a few wee Froglets.
"No eye Deer" where the nearest wet patch was.

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