Beijing Duck?

I just couldn't resist it.
"Peking duck is a dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the Imperial era."
I have, for lo these many moons, wondered how many "culinary"/comestible items would be reChristened along with their associated Towns/Cities.
I just thought of the tale of a lady missing her flight to Salisbury-Rhodesia when "they" announced the flight for Harare-Zimbabwe.
I have NO idea about the Beijing/Peking Duck; but the Jury seems to be still out with regard to "Bombay/Mumbai" Mix?  I'm forced to admit Mumbai mix, whilst earning 10/10 for alliteration just does NOT sound quite right - YET? 

On the "down" side - will my first Strawb be ripened and Slugged to death by the time we're back from our Haggis hunt; or do I taste it, not fully ripe before we set off?

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