Silver spoons

Antique silver spoons with a history.

These silver spoons from before World War II.
In September 1944 the Allied troops arrived in South Limburg to us to liberate us from the yoke of the Nazis.
As we live near the border with Germany the American soldiers always came back here to their camp store.
They often lived in the house at several families. Also with our family.
Tommy, I think many American soldiers called Tommy, always came back to my grandparents to sleep and stay for a couple of days.
He always had an oblong box with him. Nobody knew what was in it until he once showed to my grandmother. She was immediately enthusiastic about.

The last time Tommy at my grandparents came and finally moved on with his battalion, he came with the case where 2 silver spoons of salad servers in it and gave it to my grandmother.
Years later my parents were married and had this salad set as a wedding gift.

Today, on the birthday of my deceased father many stories are told and my mother appeared with the salad set of Tommy.

These silver spoons are so over 75 years old.

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