Thistle, Cranesbill and Nettle

A sultry day alleviated when cloud moved over the sun. Drove Len to tennis then took Basil and myself to Dishley Pool meaning to take the path to the river to find out if any banded demoiselle damselflies were about. They were, but so far away on the other side of the Black Brook that I had to guess at where they had settled. They seem to favour the same locations from year to year, or rather, their offspring do.

The air was heavy. The vegetation has exploded into a jungle round the further reaches of the pool. It's beginning to smell rank although there should be a good crop of blackberries later on. I just liked this view of the cranesbill between the thistle and the nettle with the bokeh beyond.

Basil finally had a good walk. He's been deprived for the last two days.

When we stopped at The Old Curiosity Bookshop in Hathern for a welcome cup of tea and a toasted gluten free ham and tomato sandwich, his nose was slightly runny and his eyes were a little watery. I think he gets hayfever too.

Prawns in ginger and garlic for supper while watching England triumph against Ukraine. Even I could admire the team formation and moves in this game.

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