Snap, crackle, and pop

By marking_time


Hydrant with Lizard.

Teatime came around without my having been outside all day. The only photo taken was of the shower cabinet that is being removed tomorrow and I didn't feel it fair to inflict that on the unsuspecting. I picked up my phone and went to see what might catch my eye. I stayed within a few metres of the house and came up with a dozen potential Blips inside a couple of minutes.

This is the one that made the cut despite heavy competition from some pretty florals. This is the fire hydrant outside the property next door. It won when I noticed the wall lizard had photobombed. I often try to photograph the lizards but they are skittish and move quickly. To get one accidentally seemed worth recording.

Stand by for a possible sequence of boring DIY shots forthcoming. There won't be much else going on for a while. Tomorrow sees the destructive phase, always the best fun. If the shower comes out without damage, my Monday task is to advertise it in the hope of keeping it away from the Dechetterie.

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