By Beinghere


This is the first flower on the marigolds I`ve grown from seed, so I`m celebrating by sharing it.  I know I`ve posted many flowers over the last few weeks, and there will probably be many more.

We went to Hamilton wood again this morning and there was not another soul to be seen.  The haar was starting to burn off so it was quite warm.  All I could hear was the chirping of a few birds, a constant hum from the flies and bees, and my footsteps.  Geordie was really excited today, perhaps due to our late rise, he was just grateful to get out for his walk.
We went past the fungi I posted a few days ago and it is much larger  now.  On our way back to the car we could hear two buzzards calling repeatedly, but could see no sign of them.  The more the buzzards called the less I could hear the small birds chirping.
Home again for lunch, then I spent a couple of hours doing housework.  I needed to tidy up the spare bedroom, because it tends to be a dumping ground for odds and ends, and Maggie is coming tomorrow and staying overnight.
Then I phoned Grant, youngest son, to see how things were going with him.  His house goes on the market to be sold tomorrow, so he is eagerly looking for another property.
The haar is in again now, it only really cleared for about three hours, but that`s life on the coast.
With Covid numbers rising dramatically, at least here in Britain, we need to be very cautious.  So please stay safe everyone.

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