Micro Lamp

Two decades ago when I was a poor student I need a microwave. Being a prudent Northerner* I bought the smallest/simplest microwave I could find from a reputable manufacturer. It served me well for two years until I had completed my degree. I then lived overseas and I lent it to a friend, who returned it to me when I returned to the UK. For the past 15 years it has followed me round the UK, mostly sitting in the corner of the kitchen minding it's own business. It doesn't have a clock so it uses zero Watts when it's not running.

This morning my better half noticed than the light wasn't working anymore. I checked online and a replacement model would cost around half what I originally paid, but given the stupid design of our kitchen we are restricted in the size of appliance that will fit and what we can actually buy. I checked the manual (which I always keep) and the bulb is about the only user serviceable part and can be bought for about £3 from any decent shop or online retailer.

We'll get a replacement 25 W SES fit oven lamp I think, I don't think I want a new microwave that much. I don't need a kitchen appliance with more modes and features than my computer.

Today's blip is a shot of the failed lamp, you can see the filament is well and truly in pieces.

I think I've still got my dose of the 'flu but it doesn't bother me much except in the evening when I get really tired. If I take paracetamol I can sleep okay and I'm fine during the day. I may be spreading the lurgi around but I don't feel too bad! I should be well enough to help with the Basingstoke Community Orchard planting tomorrow.

* some may say stingy but I say not in debt...

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