Presta valve

Nice sunny day today. Woke up to the sound of cheery bird song. After home made brioche for breakfast it was few garden tasks before our regular weekend bike ride. Even though my hybrid is now fully serviced and back in tip-top condition I gambled that the flooding would have subsided and took my road bike. Our current favourite loop is 2 hours long at 43 km and we managed a comfortable average of 20.6 km/h with a nice peak of 68 km/h on one of the down hill sections!

It was going very nice, pretty flowers in bloom, lots of nice walkers and cyclists out and about, even the odd red kit looking for lunch - until I managed to find a pot hole and pinch punctured my inner-tube. Thankfully I have a spare one with me - you can't rely on patches holding at 8bar.

Today's blip is a close-up of the Presta valve on my now defunct inner tube.

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