The Tump in March

Thanks to those of you who followed the game last week. It was a big ask to read and digest so much. I feel I've been a bit over-indulgent but it's something I've always wanted to try out on a group of people. I was expecting someone to ask me the obvious question as to how I would have voted myself and the answer is I don't really know - which is one reason why I wanted to try this out in the first place. I find the essential paradox at the heart of this game quite unsettling!

I like to think I would choose to cooperate, but if this was for real, playing for a pool of hard cash amongst a group of strangers, then I don't know. One part of my brain would be saying cooperate and the other saying defect. In all honesty I would probably defect - so you understand that I cast no judgement on the defectors in the game. I have every respect for your decision. It's the logical thing to do. But I guess I wouldn't feel so good about the extra cash I'd surely win. It's that balance of thinking and feeling that I'm really fascinated by. The subtitle of my book was "The Marriage of Reason and Intuition" ... but that's for another day. I've been writing way too much!

The words didn't flow last night. I was thinking about what I was going to say on the ride back over the moor and the ideas were coming together well, but when I sat down at the keyboard they all kind of floated away. I was just too tired. I've felt really tired today too and have had to force myself to catch up on a few jobs at home and also to get out on the bike. I took a ride out to Grassington on a cold and mostly grey day, punctuated by the occasional bursts of sun or hail, once even both at the same time.

I took quite a few pictures I was pleased with but I kept coming back to this shot of a familiar location. I've been told by certain people that it is no sin to blip the same spot repeatedly. And you're right. The light is always different. The sky is always different. And there are endless viewpoints and perspectives. So I offer another take on the tump. This was my favourite shot of the day.

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