British summer!

Posting this a day late for the 6th but it was taken on that day. I just didn't have time to post due to a little accident at home.
Was dashing around downstairs in socks (no other footwear) and smashed my left foot in to the edge of the coffee table leg - and with a vengeance.
Result - broken 4th toe.
Having spent months with my left hip problem and it approaching something nearer to normality, this is a blow!
So I had to cancel propsed caching trip for the 7th as cannot get a shoe on, cannot weightbear on that toe and cannot drive!
I am a disaster.
Not been to A&E as I know there is nothing to be done with a broken 4th toe except strap it to the 3rd toe for support, take painkillers and rest it. Therefore I strapped it up and elevated it.
Fed up!

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