By MarilynParker


I am nearing the end of the Jack reacher book and since I am confined to barracks with the broken toe I expect to finish it tomorrow. Therefore I was looking at what I might like to read next but haven't made any decisions yet. These are the books upstairs but there are more downstairs.
I have some more Jack reacher books that mum has passed on to me but I might read something different in between them.
Checked the toe this morning after a not too good night's sleep (the hip is still problematic in bed and now the toes is adding to the discomfort). I have managed to strap it a little better today so that it is less painful (so long as I don't catch it even lightly).
Bored to tears!
Read a bit more than I usually do, did some online jigsaws, browsed facebook and instagram. Cleaned out some kitchen cupboards and drawers or I would have been climbing the walls. Managed to give living room a bit of a hoover. Hobbled about some and made sure not to look at the weed situation in the garden. I did note that the back lawn has shot up with all the rain - no way I will be cutting that yet though!
Have done less than 4,000 steps today but at least I've not been a couch potato.
Hoping for faster healing than the norm!

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