Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

The two of us - yellow eyed penguins

Two juvenile yellow eyed penguins, still sheltering in the bush at Moeraki, probably hoping the parent birds will be back to feed them. However looking at them, they are fully fledged and the parent birds will be expecting them to fend for themselves, and when they get tired of waiting they will head down out of the bush and into the nearby ocean.

Moeraki is a wonderful place if you like wildlife - all sorts of sea birds, and seals, in close proximity. You can just get out of your car and walk down to the headland, and the life is all there - no ticket boxes, no viewing galleries, no queues, in fact today only a handful of people, just the birds and seals going about their lives in a sheltered environment. Magic.

And taken with natural light, no flash, as it damages the birds' eyes.

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