Haven't done a great deal today.  It rained through the night so my plans to mow the lawns had to be cancelled.  I did do some sorting out upstairs though. 

I also did a few household chores one of which involved using diluted bleach.  I must have got some of the liquid on my slippers as later on when I was sitting on the sofa Tino started clawing at one of my slippers and rubbing his head against it.  So I took it off and slung it on the floor.  Tino immediately dived on it and started going crazy - just as though it was catnip.  ( Apparently cats have a highly developed sense of smell and something like the chlorine in bleach might be connected to their pheromones, triggering a biological, hormonal reaction to the scent.) I took a few photos which aren't very good as he was moving around but as they are the only photos I took today I decided to make a collage for my blip. 

In my Extra you can see how Tino likes to go to sleep in the evenings.  I can tell when he wants to go under the throw because he starts pawing at it trying to get underneath so I pull the throw up and wait till he's settled and then cover him up.  He stays there for hours.  Just another of his silly ways.

Steps today - 3,009

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