Butterfly Bush - Buddleja/Buddleia

The weather today has been rather changeable.  Sometimes heavy rain. Sometimes very sunny.  Sometimes it was raining and sunny at the same time.  I didn't need to go out for shopping so I stayed indoors - just in case I got caught in a heavy shower.

Didn't really do much apart from a few household chores and watching TV.

Then I got ready.  Properly ready in a nice outfit and with make up on.  Because I was going out for a meal.   Last Saturday when we were walking together Rachael and I were saying that we couldn't wait to go out to a restaurant.  Next thing ... Neil had booked a table for this evening at Deanos - an Italian restaurant in the village.  Our table was booked for 6.30pm and Rachael and Neil picked me up in the car around 6.15pm. When we got to Deanos it was fairly empty but it started filling up around 7.30pm.  However there was plenty room between tables.  We all had potato skins for a starter.  For main I had salmon in a creamy tomato and prawn sauce with chunky chips and for pud I chose tiramisu. It was all very tasty.  I have added a couple of Extras of Neil, Rachael and me - and some of the food.  ( The chocolate cake was given to me by Rachael. It was baked by the sister of someone she works with - a sister who is a pastry chef.  Its a Nutella and Fererro Rocher chocolate cake. And it was delicious  ) Obviously  I wasn't counting syns today.  I have looked on it as the birthday meal out I didn't have due to lockdown.

Musical link Scenes From An Italian Restaurant - by Billy Joel

After the meal I decided to walk home as I needed the steps - and it wasn't raining. I just managed to get indoors in time before the heavens opened again.

For Flower Friday I have blipped my Buddleja bush. Its in the front garden.  Its huge.  Too big really but even though I cut it back every Autumn it still grows to an enormous height the next year.  The flowers have just started blooming.  It looks lovely when they are all out and the butterflies love it. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 5,662  ( 2,21 miles )

CORONA CLASSIC - Ottorino Respigh - Pines of Rome


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