Morrisons first thing this morning.  Found my blip shot.  The theme for Wide Wednesday is " Plenty/Rich " and as I was shopping for kitchen rolls these ones called Plenty seemed like an easy choice.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting

Musical link I Got PLENTY Of Nothin - by Barbra Streisand

Back home to sort the shopping out and have breakfast.  Then a bit of tidying up.  Colin had gone back to his flat for a bit to meet up with the Environmental Health lady so I was able to get on in peace.  Lots of kitchen roll was used to mop up the spills he had created.

Then it was time to head to the vets with Tino for his yearly booster jab.  He's easy to get into the buggy ( unlike Lily ) but the row he makes all the way there - and back -is ear splitting. He usually settles down once he's on the vets table but today he turned into Mr Growly Growlerson. He was also trying to get off the table and I had to use a lot of effort to keep him on as he's a strong boy.  The vet weighed him and he came in at 16½  pounds.

When we got home he flaked out on the windowsill  - see Extra shot. 

The weather today has been dull, warm and muggy.  No rain yet but it feels like a storm is brewing.

Steps today - 8,527

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