By Clazel

Catching up with Camera Class

Another relaxing day, enjoying the men’s tennis finals - well done Novak, and now the mixed doubles.
A good opportunity for catching up with Emma Davis’s A Year with my Camera. This is very much the basics - so read no further if that’s not for you - but I want to record something of my progress - or not!
I’ve decided to work solely with the Panasonic FZ82 for now as it’s my ‘go too’ camera. As a bridge camera it may be limited but so be it - it has plenty for me to get to grips with.
Lesson 1 - 18% grey and lesson 2 aperture priority previously addressed (14th June)
Lesson 3 - shutter speed
Lesson 4 ISO with shutter speed - ok with both of these - once I found the ISO control.
It’s amazing how satisfying it can be to get a picture of a drip. On the left drip at 1/5, other 2 drip at 1/2000 shutter speed
Currently stuck on lesson 5 - I cannot work out how to independently adjust the shutter speed as well as the aperture in manual - I’ll give it another go later this week - but if anyone has an easy answer do tell

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