By fotoday

No "ifs," "buts" or "maybes"

Derby's oldest pub has seen it all before.
Italy were the better team and deserved it but don't England just know how to build us up with hope before collapsing again when it comes to penalties. You would think GS of all people would have learned about the pressure of penalties and not put the burden of taking the last one on a 19 year old who has never even taken a peno for his club. Oh well, we can start believing again next year !
I had to go in to Derby this morning to pick up a loan 6D camera body from LCE as my canon R5 has been returned under guarantee as an annoying fault code keeps reappearing and shuts the camera down each time. The first time a camera has gone wrong on me and 3 weeks on there is no sign of it coming back from canon, awaiting parts is the frustrating message.  

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