By Ingleman

Albrighton Moat Project

Another view of the Moat.
Another day of volunteering.
Another day of weeding and refreshing the borders where there lurk monsters. And thistles. And nettles.

I had some help from Santa today. I was using three hoes.

Warm, but pleasing day 'out in the field'...

I blipped a few weeks ago about work on the ornamental pool. (15th June - Knee Deep)

The pool has now been emptied of years of sludge, and L, the head volunteer had identified three places where the liner is perforated allowing water to leak out. Good news. The repair kit is on the way and hopefully the pool can be refilled and restocked in time for the second National Gardens day at the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

As I write this, drinking a welcome cuppa on my patio at home, I am watching our tame female blackbird on the feeder. She has a distinctive white flash on her tail. I will try to capture it for a future blip... 

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