By MarilynParker

Blip famine

Forgot to take any photos so just had to take a random one!
It's been a hot and humid day again today. I've been having a bit of a clear out here and there so quite a bit of stuff to bin or get rid of usefully.
I kept looking at the garden and feeling sad I've not been able to keep on top of it -  the worse it gets the less you can face it.
Anyway, this afternoon I made it out there and mowed both lawns then did some tidying up on the paths re sweeping up dead flowers from the trees on the venue.
Pulled up a couple of weeds but didn't get around to any real weeding becasue the toes makes it almost impossible to kneel and my back makes it too painful to bend to weed!
I found the mowing a little difficult but not as bad as I expected.
I had to remove cat poo from the centre of the front lawn before mowing it. Grrrr.
I've forgotten to pop some of the cat deterrent down so I will probably find more cat poo on the lawn tomorrow.
Have ordered a new Jack & Jill bench for delivery. Also ordered a few DVDs (film and series) for delivery.
Hope this toe heals fast as I am in need of a good walk and a good drive.

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