By MarilynParker

Our front garden

After sweeping up all the stuff yesterday from the trees off the avenue that had blown onto our property I noticed it was as bad again today - if not worse!
Swept the side path, the whole of our drive, the patio at the back and I imagine I will be repeating this tomorrow!
Had a wobbly walk to mum's today and managed to walk the whole way without using the bad toe but it's something you have to concentrate on.
Had a long chat with mum before I came home.
Walked a little of the way then got the bus to avoid the uphill slog at the end of the walk. I asked a lady at the bus stop if the 89 was due as I couldn't see anything on the timetable and she said yes. It wasn't long before she said "It's here," and we got on.
Trouble is I had trusted what she said and not checked and I was on the 10A so I had to get off at a point where I had a long uphill slog anyway! 
Hot, humid and windy  today - a warm wind.

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