By TheOttawacker

Pooh Sticks Bridge

It comes as a huge and immensely pleasant surprise to me that Ottawacker Jr. is still capable of getting immense pleasure out of the most childlike of things. 

As I had begun my first week of parenting (well, you know what I mean), I decided to pull out the big guns to start off. While Mrs. Ottawacker dealt with meetings and work, I went down to McDonalds (to which we never go) and ordered an egg mcmuffin each, took it to the park, and then dragged the midget to the Arboretum, which is perhaps the coolest place in the city. 

There we ran up and down the large hill by the car park. (Well, he did,) Then I ran down and discovered I couldn't stop. I had visions of my hips popping out by the lake. Thankfully I pulled through, but well, lessons learned and all that.

We saved a drowning butterfly; played pooh sticks at Pooh sticks Bridge (he won), watched people flying a drone, and then wandered back for a late lunch with Mrs. Ottawacker and an afternoon filled with the final chapters of Arthur Ransome's Pigeon Post.

A fun day.

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