The heat is on

For some reason, I have been much in demand workwise over the past couple of months, so I am making hay while the sun shines. I don’t mind work, it’s just that I’d rather have it spread out more reasonably – so that I have to do, say, half-an-hour per day for the rest of my life.
Unfortunately, my clients, all of whom are engaged in much loftier pursuits than I, and who are all quite reasonable over most things, are all uniformly most unreasonably when it comes to acquiescing to that request. And so I have to work.
I am currently involved in writing a case study for an NGO about their response to COVID-19. It really is impressive to see how well some people in Canada are looked after by their employers. Sometimes it makes me think that my own experience at the Government of Canada, where I worked for a succession of sociopaths, might have been a blip.

I can't take credit for this photo, either. 

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