By TheOttawacker

Company's comin'

We are in the middle of a heatwave, a ripsnortin’, tarmac-melting, fried-egg-on-the-bonnet kind of heat that means only mad dogs and Ottawacker Jr. want to go out in it. Oh, and his godfather.
It was with great excitement that we prepared for the first official visit of a human being to the Ottawacker household since the Great Covid-19 Lockdown began. It was, of course, completed with complete social distancing and decorum, and Mitch even arrived bearing gifts of bicycles. Ottawacker Jr. is beginning to understand the benefits of having older parents now.
Oh what a time we had. As I am four days into Dry July, we had coffee – and sat outside and watched the first half of Liverpool’s game against Aston Villa.
And then I had to go to work, Mitch had to pick up the karate kid, and Ottawacker Jr. had to go and rub cream into his leg (he fell off his bike into a nettle patch while testing it out).
But the amazement felt at human interaction with an actual living member of the human race was quite palpable.

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