By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 194: tiny medic flower, tinier fly

Black medic, or medick, also known as yellow trefoil (among other things) is part of the clover family. The yellow flowers are about 5 mm in diameter and a lot of it has appeared in some of my neglected pots. I've been trying to photograph it for a while, without great success, but yesterday the light wasn't bad and a tiny fly posed obligingly. Unfortunately, J has reclaimed her camera for a bit of stop motion, so I've had to revert to the old 400D which my brother gave me when he upgraded to something posher. It's ok for lots of things, but does not have as good a range of settings as J's 750D, and I only have the kit lens, so this is not as sharply focused as it really needs to be.

I spent much of the morning helping J with her animation set-up, and showing her PA, who has not animated with her before, how it all works. It always seems to take a very long time to get everything in place, connected to the computer, focused, correctly lit and exposed and, because we are animating paper cutouts on glass, to eliminate all the reflections by wrapping the camera and tripod in dark cloths. We ran out of time before we actually shot anything, but it's all more or less ready for next time. J controls the software, shooting from the computer, but is not physically able to put things in place or move the pieces. When I stopped teaching ten years ago I was not expecting a second (unpaid) career as an animator and short film producer. 

The extra is my summer pudding., made with the redcurrants I picked on Sunday and blackcurrants and raspberries from the freezer. The photos are very poor quality as the light in my kitchen is terrible and I didn't notice the dirt on the lens of my little compact camera until I downloaded them, but it shows the process. It's very nice with thick double cream. 

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