Day Today

By Feathers14

Hush your mouth!

Damn! Today was a long day: An early start waking up at 6am before saying goodbye to Eve and getting the Megabus up to Leeds. There was bboy event in Halifax today and we were up there covering photos and expanding our repertoire by adding in an interview. We interviewed a couple of bboys who are very influential in the UK scene; finding out why they were putting on the event and what they thought of the UK scene: how it's evolved and where it's heading.

We learnt a lot, doing the interviews. I always feel like unless you're moving forwards, you're moving backwards, so trying something new (even if it doesn't work out) always seems better than just getting complacent.

It was fun in Leeds. My Mum grew up in Leeds, so when I was younger we'd always take trips up there to visit her parents. Going back to some of the places my sister and I visited when we younger was such a trip down memory lane; heading back to the original Marks & Spencer's store in Leeds market, seeing the museums we'd been to... Nice and nostalgic.

Halifax is a very quaint town/village and not at all how I imagined it. Very photogenic, but we were running late so I don't have any digital pictures of it, just a couple that I took on my film camera. I've almost finished the first roll, now, so I'm even more excited about getting it developed.

I shan't bore you all with the details, but essentially it was a workshop by a very famous UK bboy attempting to inspire the next generation of bboys/bgirls in the UK so he can teach his take on the dance, the scene and the culture. All the proceeds were going to help refurbish the studio that it was taking place in as it's a bit run down and needs some TLC. It's a pretty important studio to the scene in Halifax so to be able to help out - even in a small way - felt good.

Getting back home at 00;45am was tiring. I also screwed up and missed out on some birthday drinks... Ooops :/

TL;DR: Early start and saying bye to Eve; nostalgic trip to Leeds; great breaking event; tiring day.



The picture: Captured during the under 18's 2 v 2 battles (this kid was waaaaay younger than 18 and would easily have smoked me if I were battling him). These kids are dope. I like this shot because the kid just burned his opponent, and the kid in the background in the plaid shirt is lovin' it. I struggled again with the lighting and the 50mm in the tight space... Perhaps a 30mm would have been a better investment, but then again I'm not shooting breaking events the whole time, and the 30mm is more expensive.

This was very nearly my blip for today. The rain 'specks' have enhanced the picture, I feel, but the rain 'splodges' (two very different, technical terms) in the top left, top right, church tower and bottom center have just annihilated the shot, which is a real shame.

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