By fotoday

Sunshine coast

The previous evening we were so tired from walking and probably too much sun we planned on a quiet day. Perhaps a beach day? Well we had a beach day but we are just no good at sitting on beaches and we somehow managed another 15k + steps, a lot of which were on sand which can get to be hard work.
We started at Bedruthan steps with a good walk along the beautiful coastal path, in main blip. No one has been allowed on this beach for nearly 2 years following a landslide. The wildlife must be loving it, we saw a peregrine flyby. Lunch and ice creams back at the NT shop before going on to Constantine Bay where the beach was very busy but large enough to take everyone   spreading out other than at the surfing spot. We decided on the quiet end with lots of rock pools but later walked the beach, then Boobys beach and Trevose Head to see the lighthouse. We even saw a slow worm on the path to the lighthouse and another peregrine on the cliff face.
Evening meal at home again too tired to go out for the sunset as it was another less inspiring red strip along the horizon in the cloudless sky.
Apologies for not looking into many journals but the internet is so slow to load each photo.

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