By hazelh

Jon, barbecue, evening sun

The wonderful summer weather continues.

It was already very warm when Mr hazelh and I set off on our morning walk at about 7:30am. Our destination today was Lochend Park. Here we saw a sweet swan family of eight (extra).

The heat increased over the course of the day. By this evening, the temperature was perfect for a barbecue in our back garden. (It would have been uncomfortably hot in our enclosed yarden.) Our guests were Paddy, Caitlin and Jon (blipped). Inevitably, we played Catan afterwards. Paddy won.

Between the walk and the barbecue I worked on a conference paper and a book chapter abstract. Then I tried to catch up on my research assessment work. I'm rather behind on my reading :-(

I took a break in the afternoon for a cup of tea with Mr hazelh, my brother-in-law Mark (Paddy's father), and Mark's parents (Paddy's 'other' grandparents). They drove up from Holy Island (where they are on holiday) for the day so that Mark could show his parents Paddy and Caitlin's 'new' flat, as well as our garden makeover. I photographed the day-trippers just before they left (second extra).

Exercise today: walking (10,930 steps).

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