By dogwithnobrain

The wonder of this feeling, too

Tres Exciting.

I did it.  I finished the mega spreadsheet.  

I updated the Salaries. 

I double checked the spreadsheet.  I sent it on to he who was to receive it. 

I finished another couple of things. 

Then I chatted with my boss - he was very nice to me the other day - I had my monthly 6-month moan to him about everything, and as always, i feel so much better after chatting to him. 

I said to him, "you know how I never moan, or ask for anything.... 

And he said "you aren't getting a puppy". 

I said, "no no- something else"> 

He said "what"

I said "can I finish early? "

He said "it's five.  I think you've done enough for one week - you've worked really hard. Go and be free". 

and then we chatted for another twenty minutes, so I didn't really finish early, but as soon as I did; Si and I were out the door. 

Look.  We ate out. 

We went to Ikea first - Si was wanting a Steamer chair"., and they had 5 left.   So we picked it up and a couple of mason jars for this years Gin and Vodka pickling. 

We stopped off at Silverburn and pretty much got straight into Thaikun.  Weirdest thing ever, is in Scotland - names and addresses and phone numbers are still being taken by hand. 

Why can't Scotland get the kind of efficient  app which is used in England? 

After we ate we decided to drive down the "old" A77, rather than the M77.  We used to drive up and down it all the time to work;  we did use the M77 and due to the increased traffic from new commuters, it was never really any better. 

You'd think we'd find it no problem eh?  

Not a chance.   Si was going frantic with my efforts - especially as we had already had the BEEP for petrol before we ate.  LOL 

We found it eventually and enjoyed another trip down memory lane. 


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