By dogwithnobrain

Lord Almighty; Feel My Temperature Rising

Sad day today. 

After we had alloted, and shopped; Boy sent a text from Istanbull.  "The Station is on fire".   His pal was on the beach, saw the smoke and sent Boy photos.  

Just looked up - it was built in 1892. When we were younger, my mate and me would sit on the benches and people watch.  We'd get on a train - go up the line and come back.  

When we started skating, we'd get the train on a Friday night, a Saturday Afternoon, and a Sunday lunchtime.   We always got the bus back though... not sure why.  Later maybe? 

I've met boys on the platform. I've snogged on the bridge (when it was an enclosed one) (this could be one for my series  "Places I have snogged"  Cue: Kick under the table from Si).

There's a little snack bar in the station and a hairdressers.  I think there is a funny wee office too on the other side.  Only one side of the station has been impacted - the ticket office is completely gone I think.  You couldn't get close to see -  loads of Firemen and police - lots of streets closed off. 

We sat on the hill and watched the devastation from above. (see extra). 

All the trains are cancelled til Monday.   I'm not sure how they are going to get all the people back to Glasgow - buses I assume?   When we left the allotment today there were people everywhere on the beach. Everywhere - all along the prom, all along the sand, in the water.  Troon is a major stop-off point for Glasgow folk looking for the sun. 

ach. is a sad, sad day. 

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