"Welcome To Essex"

I have finally got a reasonable shot of an Essex skipper this year. I love it that our county has its own butterfly. The antennae that look like they have been dipped in ink are diagnostic. The scientific name is Thymelicus lineola. This refers to the line of male scent glands which is straight and parallel to the wing edge.

There's an exhibition on at Firstsite Colchester by Ilford born Michael Landy entitled Welcome to Essex. He decided to find out how and why Essex became the laughing stock of Britain. I was interested to discover that he is related to Amy Childs of TOWIE fame. Evidently her hair rollers feature in the exhibition and she was impressed that he knows all about HD brows. Don't think I'll bother to go. :)

I managed to get a shot of the marbled white butterfly that has been eluding me. I do hope that these become a fixture on our property.         

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