By Yorkshirebred

End of the day

Another boiling day - lots of huffing and puffing done.  Finally twigged that the reason I can't tell the time on my garden sundial is that it is facing in the wrong direction!  Ever one to wind me up, my hubby Joe, who didn't like such things in the garden ("they get in the way of mowing the grass,!"), will have done it on purpose - it has only taken me about 10 years to notice, haha!  It now needs repainting so I have decided to take it up and give it away.  And yes, I have to agree, it does get in the way of mowing!  Talking of which, my new mower has only been used about 3 times and son has just mown straight through the cable!  He wouldn't follow the instructions when assembling it, so the cord holder then wouldn't fit on the handle.  Luckily he could mend it.  Another EB late evening of a pink tinged sky with wispy clouds, but no real sunset.

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