Sunday is goalkeeping training

Sunday is goalkeeping night in the Ottawacker household, as Ottawacker Jr. comes to terms with the various demands of being No. 1 in the line-up. He's not going to be helped much by this standard of coaching though, it was woeful. It might have been down to the heat - but the lethargy of (a) the coach and (b) the kids was incredible to behold.

Still, we only signed him up to get him some socialising - after 15 months of living with me and Mrs. Ottawacker, he needs it. 

Other than that, a good day. We did some reading, and finished Arthur Ransome's We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea at bedtime (having read 3-4 chapters earlier on in the day. Family breakfast, where I wowed with my perfectly circular fried/steamed eggs (the trick is to cook them inside a ring of onion).

And only a very little bit of work.

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