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By imo_weg

Norwich and the Broads

Or maybe just Norwich. This is my 1st edition rescaled modern print of the first edition Ordnance Survey map of Norwich and the Broads. My favourite part of the map (at the moment) is the fact that trainlines were still being built when it was all being surveyed, so there's a couple that only appeared on one of the original squares. Now they've all be joined up there are a few trainlines that just stop in the middle of nowhere. It's a great little glimpse into history.

Today I was an adopted student for lunch (our church as a scheme where nice families adopt a couple of students for the year to invite round for lunch a few times). It was great - delicious food, nice company, and an insistence that I will be invited for lunch sometime over Easter. That was really kind, and I look forward to it. I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing over Easter yet, at some point I'll try to get down to my brother's, but I'm keen on staying in Norwich over the actual Easter weekend just to be at my church on the important weekend and stuff. A friend and I semi-hatched a plan to have a waifs and strays Easter lunch on Easter Sunday, so that'll be good if it happens. I have a couple of assignments to get finished over the break, so it's all going to be busy in a fairly mundane way, but I'll do my best to liven it up occasionally. I'm also considering putting a little teensy bit of my next pay into buying a (cheap, light, safe??) tripod so I can get out there and be a little nighttime creative.

Now it's probably my bedtime. I have Northanger Abbey to finish, again. It's still my favourite Jane Austen.

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