RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography


Zihuatanejo, like the rest of the Latin world, has been celebrating Caranval as of late. Since the 12th there has been nightly events downtown, but tonight was the big parade. We got to our town square early, as punctual Americans are wont to do, but of course there was nothing yet happening as the sun was still up. It was decided we should eat first, parade later, which turned out to be the perfect thing to do. We enjoyed a wonderful, leisurely meal and still made it back in time to see every bit of the hour long parade. I have only my daughter's accounting of the real Carnaval, which she enjoyed during her year of exchange in Brazil, but I felt like I was right there in Rio. The costumes were very elaborate, the floats very impressive, and everywhere you looked there were pretty young women in skimpy outfits. The shooting conditions were tough, poor light and lots of people, but I managed to capture this dancer as she was posing, though not perfectly still, for some other photographer.

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