By Colstro

Silverstone Day 3: Not Dave

The final day of the British Grand Prix weekend, with high drama in the F1 race and some gripping racing on track.  It was definitely fun to be part of the crowd at the track: the sense of excitement is probably much greater than when watching at home on TV.  Some of the support races were entertaining as well, particularly the GT race first thing in the morning where two Jaguar E-Types were battling it out in the lead, almost side by side for lap after lap (until a couple of laps before the end when, inevitably, they collided!). 

It was desperately hot today.  As my son said, the concerns should not have been for the spread of Covid, but the spread of skin cancer as so many people were sitting out for much of the day in full sun.

A high percentage of fans were wearing T shirts with F1 logos, or Silverstone emblems, or supporting particular drivers or teams.  The two guys in my blip therefore made an entertaining change.

Very tired after getting home.

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