Storms have rumbled round Peterborough for much of the afternoon, but we only caught the edge of one, which provided some welcome rain, but no dramatic thunder or lightning. 

I was looking at the deeply leaden south-eastern sky when I noticed something small and brown fluttering among the flowers. It was the first garden ringlet of the year - we first recorded them about three or four years ago and now seem to have a small established breeding population.

I was glad of a home-based day, particularly in view of the heat. I gave Ben a lift home from Waitrose after work, using the opportunity to drop off a few more of his and Sarah's belongings that I'd found scattered round the house. While I was there he checked on his OU exam results - both passed comfortably which should mean he's got the First that he was working so hard for! Hugs all round, and a celebration meal in the garden on Thursday evening to be planned...

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