By MarilynParker

Morning walk

Pegged out some washing - doing bedding today then trotted off with sun lotion on and using the UV brolly. Intended to go to Sherdley Park but ended up carrying on past there and along the road by the gypsy camp then a little walk near the fishing ponds before heading almost into the town centre and off to catch the bus home.
Reassuringly everyone was wearing masks on the bus but the woman next to me pulled hers down under her chin to answer her mobile phone!
Once home I pegged more washing out and a third lot later plus did a few jobs in the house so I know I did a lot of steps today but the fitbit was totally flat for the whole of it! I don't know how as I only charged it up to 96% 2 days ago - seems to have gone flat in the night. 
Another baking hot and humid day.
Toe improving daily now but still being careful with it as don't want to spoil the healing.
Photo is of one of fishing ponds near Ravenhead retail Park, St Helens.

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