By MarilynParker

A walk in Taylor Park, St Helens

Having had (at most) 4.5 hours sleep I thought I'd go out earlier than usual for a walk, while the temperature was still bearable.
Slapped on the factor 50, grabbed the UV brolly and off I went.
The park was a good choice as lots of it was in shade and there was a nice breeze.
Main photo is of the lake in the park and the extra photo is of a couple of terrapins swimming in it.
I thought I would get the bus back home as it stops right opposite the park gates at the entrance I used.
I was at the bus stop for 14 minutes past the hour and the bus was due at 16 minutes past. It did not turn up.
I walked to the next stop and checked the time - too earlyt for the next bus so walked another stop - still too early!
I am not good at waiting around so I walked back a stop then rather than go up the hill - the toe is quite a bit better but it's not keen on hills.
The next bus did not turn up either! Not happy.
Ended up doing the long slog uphill, thankful for the UV brolly but had to stop a couple of times on the way, partly due to the toe but more to do with gasping for breath in the heat!
Ended up gabbing with a neighbour on the avenue for ages and was sweating like a pig as I arrived home!
Does anyone else think you sweat more with sun lotion on, especially high factor?
Have watered the garden but left the weeds and have not watered the lawns. I see there is a deposit left by a cat on the front lawn, grrrr.
Saints were doing a bus tour (both teams ie Ladies as well) wiith the cups this evening but it was too hot for me to want to trot off to watch it. I hoped to see it on the northwest news and they gave it about 5 miserable seconds coverage!
The boiler has been sorted out - thank goodness! The electrician was very sheepish and apologetic. No harm done though - other than heat exhaustion ha ha.
I am still wearing my masks for shops, queues, crowds and public transport (well, when there is any public transport) and I am still distancing. I refuse to call it Freedom Day.

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