By MarilynParker

Hot hot hot

Baking hot and far too humid. Check the extra photo!
To be fair this was in a sheltered although fully shaded part of our back garden and when I moved it to a spot which had a bit of breeze it dropped to 33.8C.
Main photo is of the new bench which Terry put together today. He was brave - I couldn't stand to do much at all in the heat although I did peg out washing and do bits and bobs.
At lunchtime in a shaded kitchen I was cutting up salad items and sweat was pouring down my face!
Spent much of the day with the fans on us.
Terry noticed that even with the central heating set to on which is off, the pump was on 24/7 so it had to be switched off at the socket - we have to switch it back on to get hot water then off again. We have asked for the spark to return tomorrow to sort the problem. Believe the boiler chap will come with him.

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