By MarilynParker

Baking hot!

Temp in full shade in our back garden around lunchtime.
Our tower fan was not working properly so we nipped to B&Q for a new one this morning.
Terry called int eh car wash on the way home and after lunch he kindly took my car to the car wash since I still cnnot drive due to the # toe.
The birds have already pooped on it grrr!
We spent this afternoon watching Saints (St Helens) win the Challenge Cup Final (Rugby League) - we needed this  after 13 years without it.
What a game.
The electrician turned up and "fixed" the electrics for the new boiler.
When he left the house seemed to be getting even hotter - no wonder - the heating was on! Hottest day of the year and our heating was belting out.
The thing we discovered is that when it's off the heating is on and when it's on it's off. The electrician must have got the wiring the wrong way around!
Looks like he will becoming back next week.
I couldn't believe it when the radiators were red hot - sweat was dripping off us!

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