By dogwithnobrain

Where's my lucky star tonight

Tooli came home briefly and then went away again. 

She was in Newcastle for Bottomless brunch, (Friday through Sunday)  Stayed in bed all day Monday, and left again this morning for Leeds, she has already played Crazy Golf and is now Karaokeing

I had to drive her to a station 12 miles up the road, because we don't have a station anymore.  Bummer.

She has taken 4 lateral flow tests, and had showered and changed her clothes everytime she comes in.

Himself and I have also taken them.... Does everyone do the boaking thing?     I understand why they say leave it half an hour after food before you do it. 


Last week I was granted permission to buy a notebook. Not a paper and lines one, but electronic.    

I was tres excited, but when it arrived, and I tried it out for a while, I realised that it was absolutely no use for my stupid eyes.   I needed glasses, I didn't need my glasses, I had to squint.   

So I told my boss i had saved the company much money and returned it. 

he said that I could buy myself a pile of Moleskine planners and hide them under my desk. 

I think he was joking, but I have it in writing, and the box is pretty discreet. 

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