By dogwithnobrain

But oh, those Summer Nights

At ten I said I'm going to the sea.  There's no stopping me tonight.  

He's actually glad we did. 

It was still 19 degrees out, and although there were people on the beach, they were sporadically placed. 

We scrambled over the grass and I plonked myself down on the sand.  The tide was high so there was only about 10 metres of sand before the lapping water. 

There was a couple sitting along from us, and three girls yelping as they walked (fully clothed) into the water.   In the distance, (see extra), you can see the 6 or so paddle boarders who were closer to Irvine than they were to Troon. 

We watched them from the distance, listening to the distance laughing, - watching them holding on to each others boards, and then falling in to quiet conversation.   

Look at the sky.  Look at the water.   Feel the heat.  Hear the birds settling for the night.  Listen to the laughter. 

This is a night, every single one of these people will remember; they;ll look back on and they'll say, "I remember this one summer, we were still sitting on the paddle boards at 1030pm.   It was still warm, and we were in our swimming stuff.  The water was warm, and none of us had a care in the world". 

Thing is; none of us do have a care in the world.  We make them up   We worry unncessarily about things that shouldn't worry us.   

In the moment, love and laughter is all.   

The bottom of my dress is wet and I've got sand all over the sofa. 

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