By RavensRoost

Mono Monday: A Fluffle!

On returning from an early evening walk, Jeff spotted this fluffle. The tall grass on this hillside near the pond had been cut just the previous day; due to a concern about the possibility of fire.

I slowly crept up on these babies snapping iPhone pictures, fearing that any minute the rabbits would bolt in every direction. Instead, they laid perfectly still.  Jeff scooped up some of the cut grasses and covered this fluffle from predatory eyes.

After seeing these rabbits I thought of "Fiver" from Watership Down, the 1972 runaway bestseller written by Richard Adams. I remember reading that book in the early '70s. Shortly thereafter I drove with a few friends to meet up for a women's camp out on private land in southern Oregon. We arrived near dusk and I remember seeing rabbits in the long, golden grass and along the gravel road. Everywhere!  It was surprising to see so many rabbits at one time and in one place.

Thanks for your comments and stars for Mono Monday: Not Sea Urchins.

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