By cyclops


I put new tyres on my bike and they didn't sit well. They weren't circular resulting in a "clown bike" style bumpy ride.

I got some advice from friends and it turns out it just needed ALL THE PRESSURE...

There were some challenges along the way however
(a) My track pumps guage was under-reading about 50% so they weren't nearly as close to upper limit as I thought - only about 40psi (rated 35-60psi)
(b) The hose on my track pump bursts at about 50psi (pictured)
Once I used a better pump and actually got to the 65psi maximum they seat edperfectly well with the help of a bit of fairy liquid to lubricate the rims...

I no longer have a clown bike!

This is the hose from my bicycle pump.  It bur

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