More of the same

Last night the view over the bay was stunning. Looks like tonight will be too, if not better. Was getting ready to relax, went to close the blinds, and thought this made an interesting blip (through the large windows). .

May get up to see the International Space Station fly over again at 10:49pm, but suspect will only see a glimpse as not in a good line of view from our home.

Spent most of the day at home. Apart from meeting Mr B after tennis in Westbourne. Had a coffee in what was Cotea (the owners have returned to Lithuania - so so sad about that - they clearly couldn’t survive the Covid closures).

Then we fancied a cider. The Cliff had a notice up “only for pre-booked tables’, so we ended up at ‘The Inn in the Park’. A first, we’ve driven past so many times. Pleasantly surprised, a tenanted pub, of the Wadworth Brewery (Wiltshire) and they served ‘Aspall cider’. Perfect.

Then home. Not done much since, apart from sticking an icepack on my feet.

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