By MarilynParker

Morning walk

The photo is of the way I came out from St Benedicts Wood. 
I braved the PF where the lady was attacked a while back to go down through the woodland and through the main wood onto the former golf course. I didn't spend long opn the golf course though as it was too hot.
Factors 30 and 50 plus the UV brolly joined me for the walk. 
I walked back through the wood and along hte PF home, by which time despite using the UV brolly through all the sunny parts, I looked like I had been caught in the rain!
Another baking hot day. 
If any of our 3 fans conk out I am sure I will too.
The front lawn is at death's door but is always too hot / sunny for me to water it. It will come back!
Bashed my broken toe last night - I am a disaster! Hope it has not wrecked the healing.
I find it difficult to do jobs around the house in this weather - I was only standing in the kitchen preparing my salad at lunchtime when the sweat was dripping off my brow.
Yes, I am moaning about the heat and I will be very happy when it cools down!
I would like to go to the gym rather than walk for exercise in this heat but apart I am not sure I will feel safe going to the gym now it's a free-for-all again - it used to get packed before and this does not fill me with enthusiasm especially as the aircon is back on as well.

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