By MarilynParker

Shutters, toe, driving and stuff

I have it off to a fine art now, windows wide open and shutters angled between 3/4 shut and almost fully closed. keeps the sun out and lets the breeze in (that's when there is any breeze).
No walkies today - managed to drive to Tesco. I thought I should try the toe out driving so at first I just tried on the drive and all was well. Next I went around the block and since all felt OK I carried on to Tesco. I am keeping the toe strapped to its neighbour a while longer though, just in case I bash it again (have bashed it twice recently doh).
Made up to be back in the car again - if only for the aircon ha ha.
In Tesco there were a few people without masks (this has been the case even when it was enshrined in law) but it was good to see most people still wearing them.
I was hoping for a good storm tonight but it doesn't look like it will happen - I love a good storm.
The garden photo is this evening and everything has cooled down a lot outside as there is a strong, cool breeze. Hope it stays cooler.
Interestingly, New Zealand and Australia have withdrawn from the Rugby League World Cup re our handling of the pandemic. That's rich from Australia when half their population is in lockdown and less than 12% of them have been vaccinated!

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